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PSC Connect is a part of a network of insurance professionals around the world. Becoming a Member Broker of PSC Connect means you have access to systems, processes, and tools that benefit your business.

If you’re a broker (or are looking to start a broking business) and are interested in joining our network, feel free to get in touch to learn more. We pride ourselves on the services we can offer our brokers and the support our incredible team provides.

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Member Brokers of PSC Connect across New Zealand pride themselves on the service they provide and the peace of mind they can offer their clients. Our size, scope, flexibility and responsiveness means your broker:

  • understands your needs, your situation, and your risks;
  • negotiates on your behalf to find appropriate cover for you;
  • advocates for you when it comes to claims time; and
  • delivers quality, timely and cost-effective options that are unique to your situation.
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We cover a range of insurance products, and have exclusive access to various insurer schemes including:


Sports and Gym


Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you to grow your business and better support your clients.


Local knowledge coupled with a national network of qualified insurance brokers, along with access to insurance providers to match your requirements. 




Partnering with local and international insurance experts
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