Business Interruption Insurance

Being out of action for a Small Business is not an option but if uncertainty strikes and your business has to close down for a period of time Business Interruption cover ensures your business can still operate or pay its bills while you get back on your feet.

Business interruption insurance aims to put your business back in the same trading position it was in before the event occurred. This insurance is designed to protect your business for losses of income you sustain as a result of direct loss, damage, or destruction to insured property.

PSC Connect Member Brokers specialise in Business Interruption insurance. Business interruption insurance is designed to cover you against the actual loss of business income you sustain due to the necessary suspension of your business operations while you restore your premises back to their functioning state. Business Interruption insurance covers you for:

  • Loss of gross profits
  • Loss of gross rental income
  • Increased costs of working (for example the costs to relocate to an alternative premises or costs of advertising a temporary premise or location).

Business interruption insurance is a critical risk management strategy as it covers you for loss of income during periods when you cannot carry out business as usual due to an unexpected event.

Your premises, stock and materials may be covered under a standard insurance policy, but how quickly your business bounces back from a crisis comes down to what other out of pocket bills and expenses need to be covered as your recover.

There are many considerations that businesses must weigh when purchasing business interruption coverage beyond the above basic coverages depending on an individual company’s needs.

PSC Connect Member Brokers specialise in Business Interruption insurance and have access to a range of policies and covers depending on your particular circumstance.

Our experienced PSC Connect Member Brokers can help you get the right insurance cover by assessing your specific needs and recommending the best value insurance solution for your business, whilst still maintaining the highest standard of cover.


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