Corporate Travel Insurance

Standard travel insurance is not robust enough to suit the regular business traveller. Frequent business travellers can benefit from an annual Travel Insurance policy that will cover you for trips taken within that policy period.

It is usually a more cost-effective option for regular travellers and can be customised for small business owners and staff through to large corporations that require Travel Insurance coverage for their employees while travelling Domestically or Internationally.

PSC Connect Member Brokers specialise in Corporate Travel Insurance and can recommend the most appropriate cover to suit your company and travel requirements. Through leading insurers, our Member Brokers can offer a comprehensive range of products that can cover most risks:

  • Travel disruption, cancellations, loss of deposits
  • Lost, stolen or damaged baggage
  • Political and natural disaster evacuation
  • Personal liability during your travel
  • Emergency hospital and medical expenses
  • Money
  • Replacement of lost travel documents and luggage
  • Accidental death, disability and loss of income
  • Hire car excess
  • Cancellation expenses due to delayed flights or illness
  • Kidnap and ransom
  • Personal Liability
  • Up to 180 days cover over a yearly policy.

Your employee or your business could be exposed to considerable expenses for medical treatment, emergency medical evacuation, flight cancellations or lost luggage if a loss or an accident occurs while travelling. Some Corporate travel insurance policies also cover you for personal trips on top of any business travel.

Our experienced PSC Connect Member Brokers can help you get the right insurance cover by assessing your specific needs and recommending the best value insurance solution for your business, whilst still maintaining the highest standard of cover.

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